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Double-Nickel Cigs’ have Arrived!
The new PaperlessCig! with it's Smarter-Smoker Super Filter

REMOVES POISONS, PARTICULATES, Mouth & Throat Damaging HEAT from Smoking

Get a Super Filtered PaperlessCig! - Today! Immediate Better & easier breathing and less coughing is a free extra benefit you'll love
Shouldn't You, as a Smoker, benefit your Heart and Lungs by using the PaperlessCig! -- of course you should! Get a PaperlessCig! - Today!
Stop those ‘Nasties’ from fouling up your lungs. Get the Immediate benefit of easier breathing and less coughing you'll lve.

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If you're gonna smoke, at least be Smarter about it – Protect Yourself. It is so easy! Use the Smarter-Smoker Super FILTER.
Real Value that Really Matters. Even use to gradually Reduce or Quit Smoking. it's your choice.

The PaperlessCig! is really two products in one! Just disconnect the PaperlessCig!'s Smoking Chamber from the Smarter-Smoker Super Filter Base and you can use the Smarter-Smoker Base to directly smoke any Brand Cig you prefer. Sometimes or all the time. But you always have the Advantage of the six stage Super Filter protecting your Lungs in any case. The Smarter-Smoker Filter is the most simple, direct and lowest cost comprehensive solution to pressing global Tobacco smoking health problems. Recently E-Cigs created a new way for smokers to satisfy their Nicotine addiction, but E-Cigs created a whole new set of problems. For centuries, there was only 2 smoking choices: Store bought Branded cigarettes or Roll-Your-Own. We are introducing two brand new far healthier ways to smoke: The money saving PaperlessCig! or PC with it's Smarter-Smoker base or SS that is an integral part of the PC but can be used stand-alone as well.

REVOLUTIONARY NEW PaperlessCig! Far Easier to Use & Much Healthier. Saves $2,200/year ... a dollar saved is a dollar earned. A MODERN way to smoke with 5 Important Major Advantages the other smoking methods don't have:
  • #1 - The PC SAVES a over $2.000 A YEAR over the cost of smoking Branded cigarettes, E-Cigs or Roll-Your-Own (even more in heavily taxed locations like New York, Europe, and Australia). The $$ SAVINGS aspect alone makes it a HUGE WINNER but perhaps MORE IMPORTANT are the HEALTH BENEFITS discussed throughout this website.
  • #2 - It only takes 3 or 4 puffs for smokers to get that nicotine fix they crave . With the PC you can take a PUFF or several and then easily snuff out the burning cig - Just a Click and store - No need to snub it out - NO WASTE. Quick & Convenient. You can relight where you extinguished it anytime later on. This feature allows you to cut down on, or even QUIT SMOKING – without missing anything or feeling you have to smoke an entire cig. IN FACT you are using a lot less tobacco and saving time, money and your health ... less stink on clothes and furniture.
  • #3 - The PC both uses the REVOLUTIONARY SUPER FILTER and aerates as no cigarette can, to cool the throat tissue damaging hot smoke, yet delivers the addictive nicotine fix smokers crave with natural no-additive premium tobacco.
  • #4 - The PC is convenient. ONLY as LONG AS A CIGARETTE, but HOLDS the EQUIVALENT OF 1 to 4 CIGARETTES. The PC doesn't require PAPER and GLUE which contribute to the POISONS and TOXINS of smoking. in contrast to Roll-Your-Own, there's no need for a couple to spend the awfully long TIME it takes to ROLL 1,200 CIGS in cig paper stock every month. Oh my aching fingers.
  • #5 - SINCE the PC CAPTURES and CONTAINS messy ashes, dirty ASHTRAYS with stinky butts are OBSOLETE - HALLELUJAH! Just DUMP the ASH that is automatically accumulated INSIDE the PC like shavings from a pencil sharpener. There's never a risk of FIRE or "burn holes" destroying your wardrobe or furniture.

    Of course all the benefits apply to medical & recreational Pot smoking as well, which is developing into a "Growing" industry.

    The PaperlessCig! is more VERSITLE than Any other smoking method. Since Cigs, Cigars and Joints burn from the END down, they therefore     more...

The Smarter-Smoker base lets you SUPER FILTER whatever you smoke: your favorite Brand of Cigarette, E-Cig, Cigar, Herbal Product, or Medical POT. Even a Pipe.

The Heat and chemicals in smoke destroy the taste buds of smokers, hence you will observe smokers dump a lot of salt on their food to try to bring out the taste and flavor. Hot smoke demolishes the tracheal cilia that cleanse the Lungs making a bad black-particle clogged lung condition even worse. Cough Cough. The other bad thing is smoking ages smokers, making them look 10 years older by the time they reach 50 or 60. The toxic smoke-nicotine combo has a vaso-constrictor effect that chokes off blood supply to the bodies external surface (skin) thus short changing the skin of needed blood supply resulting in much earlier heavy aged skin wrinkles. Nicotine has been shown to harden arteries.Our Health-Smart Smarter-Smoker Super Filter Dual Aeration Systems (esp. enhanced by the Fashionably Fluted Fluximator) will radically reduce the heat that is delivered to the smokers mouth, relieving some of that dry mouth parching and thus reduce the taste bud destruction impact and reduce cilia destruction. The Smarter-Smoker delivers all the best that can be asked for and that is possible. The SS is thus a Healthy Step in life in many ways for a smarter smoker to take.

In light cigarettes and some full flavor cigarettes, the filter is perforated with tiny holes that dilute the smoke with air. As such, the inhaled smoke contains less tar and nicotine. In theory, this should make the cigarette "safer" than full flavor ones. In practice, however, the average light-cig smoker compensates by smoking more, inhaling more deeply, or by covering parts of the holes with fingers or lips. Because of this, smokers of light cigarettes can be exposed to equal or greater doses of carcinogens and tar than they would be with medium tar cigarettes. The SS not only REMOVES POISONS, TARS & PARTICULATES better than the cheap cotton filters found on Branded cigarettes, it COOLS the smoke so you are not exposed to as much Lung clogging Tars nor the Mouth & Throat Damaging HEAT from smoking any cigarette. The Gift of Health is a great Gift!

About 65% of smokers want to quit the nasty dirty and very expensive habit ... and the SS spectacular "I Quit!" Nicotine reducing filter cartridge dilutes-diminishes-attenuates the actual concentration % of the Nicotine. Thus, the SS with Super Filter will appeal to those seeking a gradual diminution of the addictive nicotine dependence.

The SS reduces the gross Toxity of the 2nd hand smoke in the ambient air worldwide. That aroma of smoke is pure poison that is breathed in. A good thing is when a smoker quits, the taste buds grow back and the cilia revive.

It's interesting that 66O BILLION Counterfeit Cigarettes are sold each year and take in about $34 Billion dollars per year. Counterfeits account for about 1 in every 10 Cigarettes smoked. They are sold esp. in High cost Cig Countries like USA ($0.25 cents each cig, and Norway ($1 each cig). Counterfeit Cigs generally are higher in toxic TARs and are rougher but usually are sold at half the cost of legit Cigs. A 40' Truck can carry $67 Million of Tobacco. Who knew!

BAD NEWS for Cigarette Manufacturers,
GREAT NEWS for Smokers
click to read why...

About 700 tons of Tobacco are smoked in each of the 50 States every month. That's 35,000 Metric tons of Tobacco being smoked monthly just in the USA, to say nothing about marijuana or world market tonage. Anyone that doesn't use the Smarter-Smoker filter when they smoke is not being fair to themselves! You owe it to yourself and also to anyone around you to use the SS filter. Keep one in your pocket/purse, one at home, one in your Car & another at your Office.

Friends don't let Friends Smoke without the Smarter-Smoker Super Safe healthy Filter! So Girlfriends, Boyfriends,
Wives, & Husbands of Smokers, make sure your significant other is taking good care of their health.
Make sure they use the PaperlessCig! or the Smarter-Smoker to protect themselves when they smoke!

Dr.Chuck says,
"The SS Filter will turn people's Lungs from 'Toilets of dark slimy Toxins ' to 'Paradises of Pink'. I've seen the horrible Lungs of Cadavers -- I KNOW. Protecting smokers from Toxin, DNA-Damaging, Throat Cilia Destroying, Cigarette smoke exposure of their precious Lungs gives them added protection from Cancer. I really believe that using the SS is cheaper than a Lung Transplant! Save even more with the You be the Judge. You roll the Dice. It's your Life & Lungs."

Attention, You there who doesn't buy a Super Filtered PaperlessCig! with included Smarter-Smoker, your Doctor & your Local Undertaker Thank you. Take our PC CHALLENGE: PROVE or Show that the E-Cig is better than the PC re Safety and/or Cost and get 6 PCs FREE!     We'll Judge.

EZ Big Buck Saving Benefits with a gigantic Health Dividend!   Couldn't be EZer for YOU and your loved ones.
Be among the first - Order now for delivery in about 8 weeks - See Product Details on the EZ Order page.

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