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Everything you Want & Need to Know about Smoking Pot
(from the Medical to the Recreational)

Colorado Pot is about $200 per ounce - good for about 25 tokes and about 40 times more than Branded Tobacco cigarettes. The PaperlessCig's "Puff & Snuff™" ability to be conveniently extinguished after the first 3 or 4 puffs to satisfy the nicotine crave works equally well with the smoking chamber filled with marijuana - for medical or recreational use - offering the potential to save major money (4 hits per toke) without giving up the effects craved. Brings the effective cost to about $50 which is more in line with Uruguay's recently mandated $1/gram ($29/oz) so with less incentive to import illegal pot, law enforcement will love the PC. Furthermore, the exact same HEALTH factors apply to Marijuana smoking as to Tobacco smoking. It is inevitable that Pot smokers will make the PaperlessCig! #1 on their HIT parade (excuse pun) for the $$$ savings, the ability to smoke 100% of the load, the Healthy Filter, etc., etc.

With 20 states (probably 25 by end of 2014) Oking Medical Marijuana, and 2 already OKing recreational pot, steady front page WSJ coverage, $60+ Million in ads for E-Cigs, and a soon to be marketed E-POT device that will exclusively vaporize POT (Venture Capital co. backed), all one can say is Wow. We expect to see a Tsunami of legal POT usage happening here in USA and abroad over the next few years. It's estimated that 700 metric tons are smoked annually in the US alone. But Pot Smoke per se puts out as many dangerous poisons, 4000 to 6000 toxic chemicals, as does Cigarettes and no doubt inhaling those poisons result in the documented debilitations years later as well as those that manifest rather immediately. This is not to deny the fact of med. pot's extraordinary usefulness to counteract Cancer Rx side effects, but the point is that Pot smoke NEEDS to be Filtered by our Super Smart- Smoker Filter as much as Cigs do. No one should smoke anything, be it std. or herbal cigs, pot or cigars without using our Super duper SS Filter.

Some Facts: There is a new much high priced type of E-Cig that uses wads of real tobacco (or other plants). It heats the T. to 400 degrees right near your lips. Heat above 114 degrees causes tissue damage- think cancer. That heat releases most of the Nicotine and creates smoke as well. They Claim it gives better flavor and more satisfaction than liquid based nicotine of standard E-Cigs. (which can smoke Marijuana in liquid form as well). They have already sold millions of dollars worth. Estimated 2014 E-Cigs device sales = $2 Billion. Estimated 2015 PaperlessCig! Sales = Hmmmm.

USA Pot sales in 2013 = $1.5 BILLION. 2014 Estimate= $2.6 BILLION. 2018 sales= $10.2 Billion. 22 States have decriminalized Pot and 13 more are pending. Does anyone spot a trend here?

Colorado Pot is about $200. per ounce . Each cigarette weighs a gram. Pot costs 40 times more than Tobacco.

And our 'Cool' PaperlessCig! encloses the burning Tobacco so no hot ashes can fall out to burn holes in things or start a fire. That is not a minor consideration - cost or otherwise. We offer a huge Cost advantage and a huge Health advantage. Quite an irresistible, overwhelming and whopping Dynamic Duo + built into our Exclusive quite clever complex PaperlessCig! . No smoking modality can come even close to the overall pluses of the PaperlessCig!. It smokes the competition. We should Dominate the Smoking Business worldwide while bringing better health to it as well. Makes filthy clogged lungs things of the passed. Our PaperlessCig! will Vaporize them All!

Einstein almost had it right - E=MC2 - Euphoria = Medical Cannabis too

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